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Monday, March 2, 2009

Earth Day

Ran the idea of a trial sale on Earth Day by Lara Nagle and she jumped all over it. Wants to make posters, have a table...I think we'll go for it - why not? Other than the fact that we need x number of Wraps between March 6 and April 22, and we haven't finalized the design yet...

She also suggested a sleeve, i.e., a wrap with a flap but no strap. Kind of going back to the original idea. Again - why not? Choice is good.

Thibault thinks we need to work the design some more, and come up with a more consistent look. Have to think about that one. Doesn't look professional enough for him. He's going to talk to a friend about graphics.

Saw Marie a week after she got hers and she thinks that the strap needs to be wider, it hurts her shoulder. Maybe padding instead? But how...? Also has concerns about the sturdiness, although nothing has failed yet. Good comments, all.

Picked up another sewing machine from Madeleine, a Bernina from 1952. Could be worth a fortune (especially if it works). Weighs a ton. She also had a couple of good ideas. One is to have a strip of fabric in the front that the flap can tuck into. Another is the raw edge at the bottom - instead of folding both edges to the inside and sewing together, we should fold it over twice and sew it. Should actually be easier as well as look better.

We're back in Lyon until Thursday and I'm dying to get home to incorporate these ideas into our design.

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