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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best thing I've done so far is create a catalog. Everyone asks for it. Or is it a delaying tactic? Made a bunch of sales calls yesterday - no meetings resulted but at least I got through to everyone and made a contact. The Follett/Barnes Noble problem is kicking my ass - they're so darned pervasive and no way to get around them. I need to join them but not really ready to furnish LTWs to 800 stores.

I like the new Wraps I'm making. I've got some great colors, they're faster to make, and I like the new look better. My older ones look a little overdone in comparison. I'm pulling a lot of them apart to use some of the pieces and they just look awful to me. I was working too hard to make color combinations and so many don't really work.

SG has suggested I make Wraps that look like yfronts. Had to ask what that meant. Apparently it's men's underwear. Hmmmmm. Have to think about that one.

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