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Monday, September 7, 2009

Where we are today

Well, it's been a little while since I posted anything. It's been a bit busy around here.

I finally stopped working for ADP on July 24. Sad to leave after only 2 years but excited to be able to devote more time to WrapCycle. I'm not going to recap the last few months; that's too boring. Prefer to focus on the future, not the past.

So I'm doing a lot of selling to college bookstores now, and it's going pretty well. I hate cold calling with a passion - who doesn't - but actually people are really nice to me and most of them give me a meeting, and of those, most say they're going to order something. Only 1 actual order so far, from the Recycled Products Coop at Oberlin, but am expecting orders from North Georgia Technical College, Kennesaw State University, and University of Washington. Have some other good prospects and a long list of cold calls yet to be made.

Am also preparing for the Sandy Springs Heritage Festival where I'll participate with Keep North Fulton Beautiful, and for The Women's Conference in Long Beach in October. In November I'll attend the GA College Bookstore Association meeting where I can display my wares and meet 30 potential customers in one fell swoop.

Still doing the Etsy thing and I sell 2-3 per month that way. WillYouGreen has not panned out at all. Am working with Cyn to get the shopping cart functionality up and running on our own site. Would like to get the Wrap production video up that Mathieu did. No response to the (W)rap contest on YouTube yet.

Working on the "Fall Collection" and trying to get some new sources of materials through the Alliance Theatre.

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