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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sandwich Wrap Redesign

Back to the drawing board on the sandwich Wraps.

Have only heard back from one Whole Foods so far but it was a rejection.  When asked for the reason, they said it was a great idea but the design wasn't eye-catching enough. 

Well, I can't disagree.  They're very functional and super-ecological, but not that great-looking.  I just haven't put the time into them that I have some of my other items.  (I think I can say the same for my accessory cases; they need more love and attention.)

Did some work on them today and think I'm headed in the right direction although I'm not 100% satisfied with what I've produced so far.  Of course, I was tweaking works-in-progress and was somewhat limited by some construction flaws.  But basically the idea is to mirror, to an extent, the laptop Wrap design, i.e., rounded foldover flap in a matching or contrasting or complimentary color.  Keeps things more consistent within the shop, too.

And although I love the foldover "Baggie" style design that Jessie suggested, I think I have to let it go in favor of velcro.  It's just easier and more practical.

Always helpful to have feedback, even or maybe especially when it's not positive.  Good news is, they're willing to take another look when my design is improved.  They'll be hearing from me!

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