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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wine & Jazz Festival

Against my better judgment, I have decided to participate as a vendor at the Atlanta Wine & Jazz Festival (click on the post title to go to the web site).  I initially turned down the "invitation," but later reconsidered when they lowered the fee and pointed out the prime demographics of the attendees - affluent, educated...

Still not convinced that it will be worthwhile but I'm willing to be proven wrong.  I've asked Muriel of mumuboutique to join me again, and we're going to strategize our product offerings this Thursday.  Worst case, I'll get to listen to my favorite music.  Best case, I'll have some good sales.  Somewhere in the middle, I'll give out some business cards and hopefully get email addresses from some likely customers.

I don't know; I never buy stuff when I go to events like this.  But then again, I'm not normal when it comes to shopping.  Guess it's worth a try; but if it doesn't work out, this is the last time!

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