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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Giving Away the Store

Delivered my first 2 wine bag wholesale orders yesterday and already there are issues.  Had a call from one store that the buyer hadn't realized that the plain and embroidered bags were NOT the same price, so she was returning 5 of the 12 bags she ordered.

I decided not to tell her that ordering less than the minimum put her at the retail price for all the bags, although that was the case.  And I decided not to let my pride accept the return.  Instead, I let her have all 12 bags at the same price.

Why?  For one thing, a quick calculation indicated that 5x4.50 was almost certainly more than 0x7.50.  But that's not really the reason.  Mainly it's because I want to get my bags into stores; and I believed she made a mistake,i.e., wasn't just trying to get something for nothing.

Again, it comes down to what kind of business I want to have.  Not one where I give away the store; but there has to be some give and take, especially now when I'm still refining the construction process and experimenting with pricing.  And it's also fun to be able to make a customer-pleasing decision that will hopefully prove to be a win-win.

Now the question is, do I give my other customer the same deal?

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