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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Etsy Search Ads - Discontinued

After 30 days, the verdict - for my shop - is in:  etsy search ads aren't worth it.

Statistics as follows:
- Spent $14.65 for 14,165 impressions, a little over $.001/impression
- For that, I got 56 views, 2 "favorites," and 1 sale for $23, or $3.82/view, $7.33/favorite, $14.65/sale

By contrast, in the same period for the non-advertised portion of the shop, I had 1,400 views, 36 "favorites," and 7 sales, for which I paid nothing.

The ROI on search ads is clearly not acceptable.  To be discontinued, immediately.

Quick update:  ads re-started yesterday so will continue until Oct. 26.  Damn!  Yet another reason not to like these search ads.  Hope you got a nice infusion of cash, etsy - I have a feeling these won't be around much longer.

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