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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Great Holiday Season

I'm having a terrific holiday season on etsy this year.  I'll do a year-to-year comparison once it's over, but clearly the level of activity is way up.  Question is, why?  Is my stuff better?  Are my photos better (yes)?  Is the economy finally coming back?  Are people more into handmade than mass-produced?  Lots of questions; so far, no answers, but I'll be looking for them.

Wholesale-wise, on the other hand, I totally missed the boat.  Should have been touting my wine bags back in October; not sure why I wasn't other than the distraction of Oberlin.  I admit that I found it virtually impossible to conduct any business while I was there - mainly because we were working on the house from early morning to evening.  Have made myself a marketing/sales/production/administrative calendar so I don't get caught again.  At least I learned that Valentine's Day is the next viable opportunity for wine bag sales, so that'll be the push in January.  If I can find the time away from the house.

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