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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, haven't posted anything since March!  I've been waaaay too busy with The Buckeye and the Frog and indeed have barely worked on WrapCycle at all except to fill etsy orders.

Happily, many of the things I was concerned about back then have been resolved.  Not only did I get into the Whole Foods system at long last, I had order from six, count 'em six, stores in the South region, both sandwich bags and wine bottle bags.  Now I need to work on getting approved in some of the other regions, especially since I've moved to Ohio.

And the studio is starting to look decent.  Got most of the fabric boxes unpacked or moved to the basement, did a big sweeping the other day, and although anyone walking in might not think it looked organized, to me it is (by comparison) a thing of beauty and order.

Now I need to get my photography area set up as I have several new items that aren't even listed yet.  Plus I need to get some photos for my poor sales rep for her web site - sorry, Sherryla!  (Yikes, just remembered I owe her a commission check, too.)  And I want to get to work on some new designs as well as start contacting my college bookstores - back-to-school is right around the corner, ordering-wise.  Lots to do!

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