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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Please help me find good homes for my fabrics!

My best networking story (I’ll tell you in a future post) led me to take ownership of more fabrics than you can shake a stick at (why would you want to do that…?).  In addition to the fabrics I got from other sources – thrift stores, the Sandy Springs recycling center, donations – I have, at last count, nearly 13,000 pieces of high-end fabric samples from the Jim Thompson Company in Atlanta.  Some are pretty big, but most are around 8”x10”:  silk, linen, wool, cotton, and high-end synthetics like Trevira.
"It's always 5:00 somewhere!"  Right?

This count doesn’t even include the 11 boxes I have still unopened.  I got these as I was leaving Atlanta to move to Oberlin.  On the way out of town, I stopped by for one more batch, but with so many fabrics already in stock, I didn’t really need more to count and store, so they’re in a corner in the basement.  Sorting and counting the samples inside will be a project for another day.

My working goal in life, as I realized in an “aha” moment during my SEED Ventures experience (more about that in a future post), is to turn these wonderful samples into useful and beautiful products that people will enjoy having.  I think of them as adorable puppies – tens of thousands of them! – who need a good home.

Southwestern-themed placemat with pockets

Can you help?  Of course you can!  Each trivet, placemat, coaster, and wine bag purchased saves another discarded fabric from the landfill, where no beautiful thing should ever go.  Each month I will be doing a countdown, and when I get to zero, I’ll shut my etsy store, take down my Facebook page, close my blog, and retire for real.
Insulated silk trivets/potholders

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