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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beta testing commences

We succeeded in creating 4 LapTopWraps before taking off for France on Saturday. Two were mailed to Jessie and Sarah; one was given to Marie on Sunday and the other will be delivered to Thibault some time in the next week. Not sure why Mathieu isn't getting one other than the fact that we ran out of time to make a fifth. Have developed a fairly detailed list of questions for the testers to think about it. Already had one unsolicited comment from Jessie, that hers is beautiful and the strap is too short. Big miss, but apparently she hasn't noticed the clever adjustability. I'll have to point that out to her.

Hers was especially nice, I will say - made of red curtain that had faded unevenly from the sun so that it was orangy red, with a flap that was blue with a faded white stripe. I really liked it. Sarh got a more "classic" look, and Marie's was made from one of Dom's old shirts. Thibault's is a little odd because I started and Dom finished it, and it's inside out. So the label is on the outside of the flap. The serendipitous part, though, is that the strap is on the outside of the bottom which actually looks better and is easier to sew up the sides that way. So this will now be how they're done on purpose; but the label needs to go inside.

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