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Friday, March 13, 2009

A Material Find

The sewing consulting session was not interesting. She probably knew how to make it better, but she didn't know how to explain how to make it better. After asking her twice, I gave up. But I got a couple of good ideas, nonetheless. One was to have a professional make a prototype and see how she does it. The second - well, I forget the second. Maybe there was only one. But it only took 10 minutes and she didn't charge me anything.

Then, find of the day: Goodwill. Huge bolts of fabric for $4 and $5. Need to calculate how much actual yardage I got but it has to come down to just cents per yard. And nice stuff! Also sent Goodwill an email to see how we can partner with them for employment for their people.

Took a couple of cards from Hancock Fabric to see about getting a prototype made, and bought some heavy-duty thread.

Finally, took Madeleine's Bernina in to my wonder southern gentleman up in Roswell. He's not sure he can fix it, but he'll give it a try. First time he'd ever seen a machine like that. At his age, that's saying something.

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