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Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend work

Spent pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday making LapTopWraps and ended up with two, one of which is too small unless you have a notebook. Still working on getting the pattern right so I can go to town on the fabric I bought.

Sent some photos to Miranda Fisher so she can start working on a logo, label, and poster. Had some very nice comments back from Thibault about our latest efforts. Sarah answered all the questions in the survey we sent - thank you, sweetie pie!

I contacted Whole Foods today to see if they'd be interested in giving me their bubblewrap and/or having a bin at the store for people to recycle their bubblewrap. Keep N. Fulton Beautiful is kind of letting me down; severe lack of follow through on their part.

Still struggling with the's way too time-consuming. Constructed a pouch for the power cord but have not figured out how to attach it yet. May have to break down and use velcro.

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