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Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day Sale -3

I'm in Oberlin and am frantically trying to get ready for our first sale ever. Jean Shannon, Mom, and I are all sewing LTWs. I've put up 5 posters and my friend Lara has recruited her environmental group to put up the rest around campus. Ads are posted on OC web sites. Our own web site is now accessible although it still needs work. Cyn you're great!

Had some interest from the News Trib but no follow up after I sent them Sarah's article and our photos. Finally had a response today from the Oberlin Alumni Magazine - loved the bags but had to forward the idea to the editor. How can OC not love this story?!?!

I think we have to stick with our introductory price of $20 but it is way underpriced. I don't think we can get labor to under 1-1/2 hours, plus other costs and overhead... don't know what is comes to but next task is to figure it out.

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