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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Earth Day Sale

Let's be honest - it was a disappointment. The OC recyclers, with the best intentions in the world, had a pretty pitiful little event. A few tables with electronics recycling, water reduction pledges, and arts & crafts (that no one did). The biggest draw was the free brownie that came with the pledge.

I will say, we had a lot of interest. The students really seemed to like the bags a lot. We actually sold 3 - the first one to Dr. Evans, and the other 2 to students. The next day we sold 5 to Krista Long at MindFair. Not the blowout we'd hoped for.

However. To look at the bright side, we weren't even planning on having a pilot until August or September, so we're way ahead of the game. Not sure if we could have kept up the momentum until then without some kind of impetus, and this provided one. And the feedback was good enough to keep us (read: me) going and enthusiastic. Did I really think we'd be an overnight success? (well, yes) Nothing wrong with a reality check.

  • 20+ LapTopWraps in stock
  • Ideas for expansion (larger; sleeves)
  • Real world pilot
  • Professional machines purchased
  • 2 sources lined up for used bubblewrap and fabric
  • 2 sewers recruited and trained (Mom and Mrs. Shannon are awesome)
  • Product labels and business cards designed and printed
  • Web site up and looking good (even if it still needs work)
  • A ton of material cut and ready to cut, fabric and bubblewrap
  • Most of the legal and financial work done - still need trademark search and financial system
  • On-line shop set up (also needs work)

Not bad for 2 months.

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