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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cold Calling

Cold calling, to my surprise, is getting easier. It doesn't hurt that almost everyone is so friendly and helpful to me. I picked a nice industry to sell to.

Of course, it hasn't resulted yet in sale one, although 2 stores now - UW and Gordon College - seem to be on the verge. I guess the sales cycle is always longer than you want it to be or think it should be. I think of each call, each catalog sent, each follow up, as a little seed that is bound to fall on fertile ground eventually.

Started on California schools today, which made me homesick. CalTech is interested, also CalPoly SLO and UCI; UCLA, not so much. Berkeley and Mills are eFollett stores, the bane of my existence.

Off to continue work on the banner for the Women's Conference.

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  1. Do not worry, your seeds are in the ground, and although you do not see it yet, they are starting to sprout. You'd better get ready for the time of harvesting. You will be overwhelmed by your success.

    Excellent feed back from here, people really enthousiast about the product, and I am running short of business card. I was asked for another one this morning. Will prepare my business trip report as soon as I am back.