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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Christmas Company

Had a call out of the blue today from, of all places, the Junior League of Orange County. Seems that Flor Wickham of ADP is somehow responsible so thank you, Flor. Anyway, their annual fundraiser is a 3-day Christmas shop-a-thon in mid-November for which I am too late to have a booth, but they were calling to invite me to display my Wraps at their "Mistletoe Madness" booth, on consignment.

$35 entry fee, they do all the selling work, and they'll send the leftovers back to me when it's over. Ok! Why not? Yes, I have to write a check for 33% of the profits, but they indirectly suggested that the prices could go up a bit with no harmful effect. Hey, it's the OC; even during a recession there are some major bucks there.

So, in the interest of trying everything and seeing what works, I'm going to go for it. Unless my biz dev guy thinks it's a bad idea.

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