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Friday, October 22, 2010

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How time flies!  Seems that it's been about a year since I last posted to this blog.  Going to try to do it regularly from now on.

Had to laugh to keep from crying when I saw my post on the Junior League of Orange County.  What a disaster that turned out to be!  I'm convinced that they didn't open my box of items until some time near the very end of the sale, or possibly not at all, because they only sold one accessory case.  In 3 days?  Not possible.  But that was nothing compared to the debacle to follow.  First, we had some disagreement as to who was responsible for shipping my things back to me.  Eventually JLOOC agreed to do it.  The woman in charge of it then sent it back to me by normal mail, uninsured.  Murphy's Law being what it is, the box was damaged or fell apart en route, and I, several weeks later, received 7 items back.  Nearly $1,000 worth of product, at retail prices, was irretrievably lost.  Too much water under the bridge now to recount the gory details; suffice it to say that we agreed on a $500 settlement.  I strongly considered a trip to Small Claims Court but ultimately decided against it; it's a charity, after all.  But ouch!!  And some of my best stuff!

Lesson learned:  (1) Determine up front who pays shipping in both directions.  (2) Agree on shipping method and insist on trackability and/or insurance.  (3) When in doubt, do it yourself!

Tough lessons to learn the hard way.

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