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Friday, October 16, 2009

A Learning Experience

I remember why I have to take a walk each and every day. Not for the exercise, not to burn calories. No; it's because I always get good ideas. Today's walk's epiphanies:

1. Launching a business is a learning experience. The right question to ask at the end of the day isn't, how many LapTopWraps did you sell, it's what did you learn today.

2. I keep reading that tweeting is important but I can't see why; who would read them? No matter; I'm going to use it to distill my daily - or more - learnings.

3. I need to bifurcate my product line more - streamlined and simple (and cheap) for the college crowd; more creative and complex (and expensive) for etsy and other retail outlets. Right now it's too comingled and the pricing doesn't make much sense.

4. My photography needs to be more creative and focus more on the environmental angle - photos in the woods, maybe? at a recycling center? with the donated fabrics in view? Something.

5. I need to test my new design. Although the simplified design is faster to make, I've only sold one of them so far. So what I should do is make 2, using the same fabrics but different designs, and see which one gets more views over a 2-4 week period.

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