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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On the Road to Sales (I hope)

I'm writing this post from the Business Center of the Grand National Marriott  in Opelika, Alabama.  Where?  It's near Auburn.  Where?  Southeastern Alabama, ok?  It's not important.

I'm here for part 1 of a 3-day meeting of the Alabama College Bookstore Association (ACBA).  I have a little time to spare because I was unaware that there is a time change between Atlanta and here.  This will make my arrival home tonight a little late but will be welcome tomorrow morning when I return.

How kind of the college bookstore universe to organize itself into little groups like this so I can meet all my target audience in any given state - or sometimes groups of states - in one swell foop.  Very thoughtful.  And I don't have to pick up a single phone.

Tonight is the Opening Night Reception.  Looking at the schedule, I see I've missed the golf, the walking tour of the Jordan-Hare Stadium, and the legislative session.  My bad.  The web site promised food and games, and we will be out on the terrace if it doesn't rain.  The checking-in people were extremely nice; one even gave me her room key so I could come into the Business Center.  I should be spending the night here, but somebody's got to take care of the chickens.

Apparently the reception is organized as a tailgate party.  I have no idea what this can mean in a hotel setting, but I do know I'm overdressed for it.  Note to self:  bring a change of clothes even for a day trip to be able to dress it up or down as the situation warrants.

10 minutes to showtime, folks.  Off to press some flesh.

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