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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Honesty - Not Such a Lonely Word

I was pleased and relieved to get a call from Lisa yesterday.  Lisa had purchased a set of 3 champagne bottle bags at the Atlanta Wine & Jazz Festival a few weeks ago and had given me her credit card to take down the necessary information to process via PayPal.  When I tried to do so, I realized that I had written the wrong CSC code.

All I had for Lisa's contact information was her street address.  So I sent her a little hand-written note, asking her to please call or email with the security code.  A week later, not having heard from her, I assumed that either she hadn't opened the letter or was blowing me off.  Sigh.

But no!  As I was driving home from Whole Foods she called me on my cell!  She gave me the code and was very gracious about it, to boot.  More important than the $25 I got from her was a renewed faith in most people's basic decency and honesty.  Thank you, Lisa.

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