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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Good Donation?

One of my networking connections is the director of a major charitable organization based in Athens, Georgia.  She recently asked me to donate a tote bag to a silent auction in an upcoming fundraising event.  (She also ordered a tote bag and a card case for herself.)  I happily agreed.

I don't make a lot of totes, so I thought I'd whip up something new with a hat on it to link it to their theme "High Hat."  Then I thought, why should I go to the trouble of making something new and creative, which frankly would take a lot of time, that I'm just going to give away?  So I took another look at my stock and decided to donate a tote made from a repurposed raincoat.

Now granted, I've had this tote awhile.  But it's a great tote!  It's not that I'm giving them crap; it's well-made and has all kinds of interesting features like an adjustable strap, a key holder, a big pocket, and more.  I think the reason it hasn't sold is that it's a little expensive and I'm a lousy photographer so the features don't show well.

I'm feeling a little guilty about not making something new, but I don't think I should.  It's a bag I'm proud of and that showcases my workmanship.  So, off it goes.  Now I need to talk to my accountant about how to take the tax deduction for it.

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