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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Working on the Sales

Have decided to abandon the college bookstores for the time being and am really focused on Whole Foods.  So far most are positive although there is one that doesn't quite see the tie-in, and one that I absolutely can't get a hold of.  But that makes 5 good prospects including the one that seems committed.  (She'd better be; I already spent the big bucks for the UPC company code.)

Also threw out a couple of feelers to sites selling wine accessories for my wine bottle gift bags.  One of them is The Wine Enthusiast; a long shot, I know, but what the heck.  What I need to do next is visit some local wine stores.  Seems that Pearson's in Buckhead is a good place to start.  Also that place over on Sandy Springs Circle.  I need to pick a day, map my route, and hit the road. 

Not to procrastinate, but tomorrow is Sunny's vet appointment, Thursday is my networking meeting, and it seems that Friday might not be the best day to visit a liquor store.  I'm guessing that Mondays are quiet, though, so I'm going to target next Monday and spend today figuring out my route.

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