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Monday, June 20, 2011

Time to Focus on LapTopWraps

New design LapTopWrap
I don't want to lose the wine bag momentum but the time for back-to-school ordering is coming up fast.  My experience is that bookstores finish up the semester in May, do inventory in June, and are ready to gear up for the fall semester by early July.  My catalog is pretty much done, so now to prepare a MailChimp campaign with my video (yet to be finished).  However, I think I'll continue primarily with my current strategy of cold calling, it seems to be the most effective and I'm dreading it less all the time.  I feel that with my new processes, resulting in lower pricing, selling to bookstores this year will be easier than ever.  And I'm not going to focus on Georgia, although I won't ignore it, either, but rather target schools that are into sustainability.  Too many times I've heard from GA bookstore managers, "Our students don't really care about environmental products..."  Again, though, with the price point I've been able to achieve, even people who aren't into eco should be interested in the sleeves.

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