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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Uncommon Goods

Finished up South Carolina cold calls today, still have some follow-up to do.  Only found 29 stores on google with several of those being Total and Winestyles, so actual number called is only 21.  Of those, only 4 have asked for photos so far but 6 are still outstanding so too soon to tell how interested SC is in general.

In researching more stores, I ran across a site called Uncommon Goods.  It's an online store that specializes in artistic/unusual products with some emphasis on handmade and eco.  Sounded right up my alley so I made an application for the wine bags.  However, I think I should do the same for my other products, which either have no competitors or just a few on the site.  Of course, I never heard of this site before today so I have no idea how much traffic it actually gets.  Still, doesn't hurt to submit them.  It's noon, so not a good time to call wine stores.

Three in-store calls this afternoon, assuming everyone cooperates (David, this means you.)

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