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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Did It!

What did I do?  Four hours of calling, that's what!  About 2/3 follow up, 1/3 cold calls.  I guess I've really become inured; the time went fast and it wasn't bad at all.

I've decided that that's the single best way to get customers and 10 calls a day simply isn't going to cut it.  Right now I'm working my way through the college "green" list and the ICBA member list.  I start at 9 with the east coast stores, then at 10 I move to the central time stores, at 11 the mountain time folks, and finally at noon I get to the west coast.  Cross-country touring, every day.

Had some decent interest from the cold calls, regenerated some dead or dying leads, and got some definitive no's that I can now take off my list.  Not, however, from my friend Josh who is apparently going to make me call him every few weeks for the rest of my life.  Which I will do!

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