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Monday, August 8, 2011

Paine College

Back in the saddle after trips to Oberlin and Natapoc and a visit from Sarah.

To my great chagrin, I never got around to canceling the one-woman vendor show at Paine College in Augusta.  I reluctantly agreed to sell directly to students, then immediately regretted it and planned to explain that this was not my current business model to the bookstore manager there.  However, I didn't get around to calling so I was stuck.

Despite the fact that it was a 5-hour round trip drive for 3 hours of selling, it wasn't a bad day.  It wasn't a great day, either, but I did make some sales and the students were very enthusiastic.  Antoinette has asked for suggestions of how to move forward and I plan to propose the following:  She buys 12 sleeves from me (my minimum order) to have in the store.  If students want to buy shoulder bags or have more variety, she will direct them to my etsy shop.  I will provide a coupon code that will discount the etsy items to match her retail price.  She will also link her web site to the etsy site and provide the coupon code.  Seems like a win-win to me...

Friendly, nice, polite students!

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