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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Down, One to Go

Got my two orders done and out the door.  Thanks again, Evergreen State College and Snoozy's Bookstore - hope you like them!  Now starting to work on a replacement order for Western Washington University.  Since I won't actually get paid for these I'm feeling slightly less motivated, but I've decided to make them now and list them on etsy to see if I can get more money for them and also introduce my new design - whatever sells I'll replace, whatever doesn't sell by early September, I'll send on to WWU.

I'm liking my new design very much and am quite pleased with my first two orders.  I need more preparation of my materials, especially lining and padding, but otherwise the process seems to be pretty fast.  The padding is posing some problems - sometimes the tablet/netbook sleeves are a bit snug, and I have issues ensuring that all the layers are sewn together.  Nevertheless, I think this process is going to work well and be profitable.
One of my favorites

Had an interesting convo from American University about 200-300 passport covers.  They're looking for "green" covers that are, indeed, green, embroidered with a globe or their own logo.  I have the feeling that they sent the same message out to several etsians - which would be intelligent - so who knows if I've got a shot at this or not.  Honestly, it would be a kind of boring project but nicely lucrative and what a great school to have as a customer.
Globe proposal

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