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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waste-Free Lunches - Sandwich Wraps, Anyone?

Great article in today's New York Times about schools that are encouraging if not outright mandating waste-free packaging for kids' school lunches (click on title above to see article).  Yay!!  I wish I could tell everyone about our sandwich wraps.  Made from upcycled fabrics, lined with reused plastic bags:  doesn't get much more environmentally-friendly than that.

I had a look at the competition on etsy and noted that my bags were priced $1.50 more than the next highest.  And although I do believe the work justifies the price, I lowered it to match the $6 that is the high end of the scale.  Changed the titles and tags to incorporate "waste free," also.  Haven't sold a lot of these despite the superior design (in my humble opinion) and great fabrics, and a 25% premium could go a long way to explaining that.  Well, we'll see.

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