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Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Work

Just back  yesterday from 2 weeks spent in Oberlin and Paris.

I should go away more often:  I had 4 sales while I was gone.  One was a sleeve that I had to embroider and send in time for it to arrive tomorrow.  Meaning that I spent $17 on postage for something that I collected $29 on.  But as it was one of the NGTC returns, I'm just happy to get it out of inventory.

Have a business card case to make, but the main activity this afternoon will be the mock-up passport cover for American University.  The logo embroidery looks good on the screen, but only a sew-out will tell if it's really ok or not.  I hope so, because although they were very nice about delaying the sample by 2 weeks - thanks to Qdigitizing not meeting their commitment - I don't want to to have to put them off any longer.

Speaking of Qdigitizing, this is the second time I've had issues with them from a timing standpoint.  I'm going to have to try someone else, next time.

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