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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Kathy Reed connection

Had a meeting today with Kathy Reed, the executive director of Keep North Fulton Beautiful, a.k.a. the recycling center in Sandy Springs. What an amazing person - a fount of information, very supportive, enthusiastic...

Bought 3 bags of bubblewrap from her for $15 and this is a sustainable source of bubblewrap on-going. She is going to put out a bin for fabric and will notify her mailing list community that it's there. She had 2 excellent suggestions for labor sources, when we get to that point. She had a good source for accounting services. She wants to do joint press releases, when we're ready. Incredible.

I am more optimistic and excited than ever. Kathy is confident that this will be successful and her confidence is contagious!

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