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Monday, November 8, 2010

"Re-inspired" about Networking

On Saturday I dropped off 7 bags at Re-Inspiration, a store in west Atlanta that specializes in art and items made from recycled materials.  Kind of right up my alley, doncha think?  Owners Brooke and Julie could not be nicer, and I love the display they did.  (Photos were taken by phone and don't do it justice.)  Best of all, their one-year-anniversary open house is this coming weekend so hopefully there will be lots of traffic.

And here's the beauty of networking.  How did I find out about them?  Well, a couple of months ago I was asked to participate in a focus group for WCLK, my favorite jazz station, at Clark Atlanta University.  Each of us had an opportunity to introduce ourselves at the beginning of the session.  At the session was a young woman who was helping the facilitator by taking notes.  Afterward, she asked me if I was familiar with Re-inspiration.  I wasn't, but she encouraged me to look them up.  And I did.  If all goes well, I'll have another great networking story to tell.

My other story, of course, is how I linked up with a fabric manufacturer here in Atlanta from whom I get all kinds of wonderful fabrics.  Started with Sandra in my Dunwoody Coffee Connection networking group, who suggested I contact Sustainable Pattie about blogging about me, who did, whose blog was read by Lisa, who is the office manager for the fabric company.  Out of the blue she contacted me and a partnership was formed that enables them to responsibly dispose of their remnants, samples, and discontinued fabrics while providing me with a free source of really excellent fabrics.

I hate to network but, dammit, networking works!

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