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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't Prejudge Your Customer!

Just had an order for 2 dozen wine bottle bags from someone I thought I didn't have a prayer of selling any to.  Why?  No reason, other than the sound of her voice the first time I called put me off.  Probably she had 5 customers around her and 3 salespeople clamoring for her attention, but on my end of the line all I heard was a brusque, almost harsh voice with a strong southern accent.  After 4 years in Atlanta you'd think I'd be well past that Yankee knee-jerk (or better, leave off "knee") reaction that equates s'uthe'n with stupid.  Subsequent conversations showed that she was perfectly nice and then she gave me an order.  Who's the stupid one?  Anyway, please forgive me, Roc, and thank you!

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