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Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Wholesale Orders in One Day!

I hope there's a time when I look back on this post and laugh.  Two orders?  How about 200?  But for now, I'm pretty jazzed about it and it is absolutely a first.  Thanks very much to my friends Hunter and Curt, in Cumming and Savannah, respectively.

If only I could now turn these orders over to my "people" who would then make the bags, tag them, pack them, and ship them.  The problem with the wine bags is that they're easy but tedious.  At least Curt's is a custom order, so it's a little bit unusual.

I'm proud of myself for following up immediately on 2 leads that Hunter gave me in nearby towns.  My instinct was simply to drive home and call, sometime, from there.  The ecologist in me, however, was somewhat stunned by driving 1-1/2 hours (roundtrip) for a 10 minute meeting, so I called the leads on the off-chance that I could schedule meetings with them while I was in the area.

The one in Cumming was interested but not until closer to holiday time - I get a lot of that.  But the one in Dawsonville agreed to see me.  He didn't seem entirely thrilled so I'm not feeling very confident of a sale, but at least I made the contact.  And who knows?  I've certainly been wrong about who my potential customers are before.

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