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Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Goof

Oh man.  I'm so annoyed with myself.  Having sent my wine bag photos to a store in NC, I had a nice email back from them asking for a sample, which I sent right away.  Following up, the contact was noticeably cooler; she was not at all happy with the bag:  handle too short, stitching not secure enough.  I didn't argue although I did tell her that we hadn't had any problems with security.  Later that day, I got the bag back.  Well, I had sent her a sample whose handle, for some reason, had not been triple-stitched.  No wonder she thought it wasn't secure.  As for the length of the handle, I had already learned that it was too short for some bottles and had changed it for my Vino 100 order.  Unfortunately, I had sent her sample before realizing that.

All I could do was call her today and apologize, which I did.  Profusely; and asked for a second chance to make a first impression.  She warmed up considerably and was happy to have me stay in touch.  However, they'd decided not to bring in anything now, it being the slow season, but to get back in touch in August.  Of course, I will.

While it's not something I'd do on purpose, sometimes making a mistake isn't so bad if you can recover by overwhelming the customer with better-than-great service, eating humble pie, or whatever it takes to get back on track.  I believe she accepted my explanation, and I'm sure she'll remember the encounter better than if everything had gone smoothly.  It was a bad 24 hours for me, though.

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