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Monday, July 18, 2011

The loneliness of the long distance cold caller

I've moved from being scared to make calls to being mightily bored by it.  It is very tedious to say the same things, hear the same questions/answers, ask the same questions/give the same answers, time after time, while remaining polite, upbeat, and interested.

Just finished making all my bookstore follow up calls.  No one to whom I'd sent a catalog last week has had a chance to look at it, so that means another round of calls in a few days.  I'd almost rather get a "no" than a "later" or a "maybe."

Worst of all, no yeses so far so nothing to keep me motivated.

This afternoon, going to pick up the ones who were out, busy, etc., as well as follow up with those in more western time zones.  I need to make significant progress on my "green" school list.  I can't believe it's past mid-July already!

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