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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This post could be subtitled Not My Strong Suit.

I recontacted my Whole Foods buyers today and had a response back from one (very fast! thanks, Michelle).  Among other things, she wondered how we could merchandise the bags, given that they would be part of the Lunch Box display and as such, be placed on a bookshelf.

I started researching display racks but they're very expensive, and none was what I was looking for - not that I knew what I was looking for, but I would have recognized it if I saw it, and I knew what I didn't want.  I thought about it a long time, then I remembered how I used to display them at the farmers market last year, namely, I pinned them to a tri-fold foam board.  It worked great, because I could tape info to the board about the bags, and it was easy for customers to unpin them to look at them, then put them back again.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought it could be adapted for WFM.  Rather than pins - seemed like a bad idea in a retail environment with a lot of children - I could staple some elastic bands to the board and then loop the flaps around them.  Easy to take down and put back, no clips or pins to get lost or prick someone, the tri-fold should sit nicely on the shelf without leaning, and it can be sized for the space available.  And best of all, no extra packaging to be thrown away, in line with both Whole Foods' and GMBD's values.

I couldn't think of anything better so I sent her the idea, hoping it didn't sound too amateurish.  She loved it!  She's going to present the line to her Team Leader next week, so all I can do now is keep my fingers crossed.  And maybe make a few sandwich bags, just in case.

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