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Sunday, February 19, 2012

New patch project

Got an interesting order today from someone who works at Etsy:  30 custom patches.  I'm curious to know what MITS is and why/how it moves mountains.  The patches are going to be put on lab jackets so it doesn't seem like something that would be associated with etsy, although the mailing address is etsy.  Hmmm.

QDigitizing came back so quickly with a file!  And although they didn't follow directions, I can fix the issue myself.  (Their stitch count wasn't so hot either; actual count is 25% higher, after the fix; 50% higher before.)  Unfortunately, he asked for 3 colors that I don't have so I'll have to locate an embroidery thread store tomorrow.

In other news, got the Whole Foods order off ahead of schedule!

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